About Us

Township is a digital product agency.

We’re a team of designers and engineers building products we’re proud of. We approach our work the same way we’ve built our agency—with a focus on people and what drives them. Township is a place for questioning, collaborating, and creating. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re busy building products, but we’ll get the rest of our site up soon. We’re happy to share case studies upon request.

Feel free to say hi! 👋 You can send us an email at:

Now, get to know our team.

Meet the Team

⛰️Caleb /// Partner, Engineer

Caleb co-founded Township (then called Motel) in 2014. He’s been fascinated by code from an early age and loves manifesting ideas into creative products. He also loves working with people who remind him that he’s got a lot more to learn. When he’s offline you can find him outside, probably teaching his dogs to fly fish.

🐕Matt /// Partner, Designer

Matt approaches every project with the goal of delivering elegant and deliberate design. He’s at his best in the middle of a puzzle that he needs to design his way out of. An alum of Pentagram, Matt is now part of the Township leadership and has his hands in every project. You can also hear him ramble on a podcast every now and then.

🥘 Scott /// Lead Engineer

Scott is a skilled software architect and the lead developer at Township. He’s helped build a culture around engineering—an industry where there’s plenty of space to grow. To him, working remotely means a commitment to clarity and communication. It also means a commitment to building custom emojis that fully capture our facial expressions (flattering or otherwise).

😏Megan /// Operations Manager

In so many ways, Megan keeps Township afloat. She makes our fully remote agency feel as if it’s operating under one roof by constantly improving internal systems and maintaining a culture that reflects company values. She ensures that the Township team feels supported in every way and her targeted zingers keep us grounded.

🧘Alex /// Engineer

Alex cultivates compassionate, open collaboration across the engineering team and she revels in addressing difficult engineering problems — from building a 200 square-foot tiny house to creating dynamic, interactive web-apps. She approaches each new problem with an excitement to find elegant solutions and learn more about herself. These days, she has another passion: being a mother to her newest family member.

🚣‍Lydia /// Engineer

Lydia takes “working remotely” to the next level — previously a DC resident, she’s spent most of the year traveling the country working (and, ok, maybe a lot of hiking) on the road with her husband and furry copilots 😸 🐶. She has the same adventurous spirit when it comes to engineering—always eager to learn more languages and frameworks, and always wondering how she can push her work further.

😻Samina /// Engineer

Samina is an engineer with a knack for writing polished backend code. During testing she loves diving into edge cases and piecing together any errors or inconsistencies—because what goes wrong is often just as telling as what goes right. Occasionally she also dives into alternate realities on Steam, but always comes back to feed her cats Shay and Little Bear.

🧮Jeremy /// Engineer

Jeremy brings a range of engineering capabilities and a keen problem-solving mind to the team. Thanks to his mathematics background, he’s prone to finding solutions—always with the goal of satisfying user and developer experiences. He also rounds out our team of amateur chefs should we ever find ourselves competing on the Food Network.

🤹🏽‍♂️Christian /// Designer

A talented designer whose strengths run the gamut of digital product design, Christian approaches his work with an unwavering focus on people. Outside of Township, he’s a committed community organizer and, with all of his “free time”, he also teaches college courses in design and art direction. It’s a wonder he finds time to keep his garden alive.